What Course Thou Willt

For the past year I have been chairing a committee to redesign the general educational core at my institution, and yesterday I presented possible core models to the Curriculum Committee. All of the models represent substantial change. They are all very interdisciplinary. I don't read people's reactions particularly well, but even I could tell that everyone in the room was taking a collective deep breath. Next week these models go before faculty, staff and students. Deep breath indeed.

Academics are not by nature enthusiastic embracers of change. Trained skeptics seldom are. There will be no end of high-minded pedagogical objections to changing anything (and not a little "how does affect my turf" protectionism). But here we go. I'm am nervous as can be about how my colleagues will react. As I left the meeting yesterday, a line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar popped into my head:

"Mischief thou art afoot... take thou what course thou willt."


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