Mozart Meets Charlie Parker

Here are a few old poems that have been gathering dust. Time to shove them from the nest.

Noisy Desperation
It’s become increasingly clear that I’ll die in this town:
No London for me, no left bank,
No novel or love life
That’s worth writing down.
Just these few desperate stabs
Between supper and sleep,
No drama to come
No heart-wrenching theme,
And if you mention Grandma Moses once more,
I swear I will scream.

The Genius Room
One wonders if somewhere
There’s a room where geniuses
Meet, where Mozart and Charlie Parker
Say “Top this.”
If somewhere Leonardo and
Le Corbusier are excited in a corner,
And even now,
Schopenhauer and Goya
Swap notes on suffering.
One wonders, but suspects
This is not so, that
Genius, like us, sits alone
In a calendar square
With an outlook on bald trees.


Anti-Dada said…
Glad to see more of your poetry, PQ. The second poem, in particular. Wonderful. Sad. True.

We imagine all sorts of things, don't we? A torturous gift.

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