Snow Day

Hello! Light the Fire!
I'll bring inside
A lovely bright ball of snow.

We all knew it was coming. For days the radio and TV stations have been squawking with reports of a big snowstorm headed our way. Timing and predicted snowfall amounts were studied with great interest by professors and students alike. Everyone was speculating--hoping really--that the storm would cancel classes and give us a day off. I went to bed last night reasonably sure I wasn't going to work in the morning.

Sure enough, we're closed.

Yesterday I had my first-year seminar students sit in silence for a few seconds watching the snow drifting down outside our second-story classroom window. We were transitioning from an in-class writing exercise to small group discussion, but I thought it might be nice for us to stop for a minute and note the grace of falling snow.

And this morning it's graced us again with the gift of an entire day to read, to catch-up, to grade a few papers, to make a big pot of potato soup with carrots and leeks, and maybe just to sit by a window whispering thank you to the snow.


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