Tediously limping away

Waiting, waiting, waiting...  There's a line from Shakespeare's Henry V that has kept burbling up in my brain since spring break.  It's from Act IV.  The English army is camped on the battlefield at Agincourt.  Everyone is waiting for morning but the night seems to run on and on and on.  The chorus describes it as a foul and tedious witch that doth limp away.  That's a fair description of my feelings toward the present semester.  I just want it to be over and it doth so tediously limp away.

Sometimes you end the semester sentimentally, sometimes with regrets over the things you might have done, and sometimes--like now--you just want to throw it down the memory hole (or drown it like a sack of stray cats).  There are  two and a half weeks left counting finals, and I just want it to be over.  I want to forget how unorganized, ill-prepared and fly-by-night I have been this semester. I want to forget a particularly unpleasant meeting in the run-up to the core vote.  I want it to dilute itself into the other 19 and a half years of doing this job.  Oblivion can't come soon enough. 


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