That's one for Will

I have students read King Lear in my Intro to Humanities spring section, and more than one wrote last week that they were proud to have read it and, better yet, understood it.  But my favorite end of the term reflection paper included this story:

During high school we had to read a play by Shakespeare, and it was awful.  For some reason I always felt the urge to go to the bathroom during class when it was time to read it.  After a while my teacher caught on and wouldn't let me go anymore.  I would do anything to get out of reading that "stupid" play.  The main reason it was stupid was because I didn't understand one word of the entire thing.  I had no idea what was going on or what I was supposed to be getting out of it.  I told myself that I would never read another piece by Shakespeare in my entire life.  I thought that until the first day of this class when I was told that we were going to read King Lear.  Right away I though to myself that this was going to be a nightmare...

If one thing surprised me in this course, it would have to be the reading of King Lear.  Not only did I understand it, but I also kind of enjoyed it.
Later she went on to use King Lear to talk about an incident in her own life with some real insight.  It made my day.  And, best of all, not once during the entire semester did she ever need to use the facilities. 


Anti-Dada said…
Wonderful. Well done, professor

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