Ah cha cha cha

There are days when you have your "A material."  There are days when you wing it and everything comes together.  Then there are days when you realize you're just giving them the old song and dance.  Today was the latter.  Discussed the value of aesthetic awareness in the senior capstone and I was using a lesson plan that has only really worked once (the first time I used it).  Every other time it's tanked.  Nevertheless, there I was at 9:30 this morning giving it another lousy trod on the boards.

Then--oh sweet suckosity--I had to talk about Romantic poetry in Humanities 102.  I knew I was doing the cha-cha as I read the opening lines of Song of Myself and found myself relating  it to--of all things--Kantian epistemology.  But there I was on stage. The students had no idea what I was talking about, but the show must go on, right?  So swing-step, dip, sliiiiiiide

I won't even get into my tired slog through Frankenstein at 1:00 pm, or any number of institutional crises in between. 

Ye gods, dance, teacher boy, dance.  


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