Day of the Dead

It's the Friday before Spring Break, which means my classes will be half populated at best.   And you can forget about anything after 2:00 pm.  This place will be still as death. 

After break, too, everything about the semester will have changed.  My institution wraps up early.  We're done before the first of May; thus, students coming back from break tend to lean into the finish line.  They can feel it.  I've mentioned it before, but it's always struck me as disorienting that the academic year ends just as the world is awakening again from winter.  Another year, another year, shot in the rear...

Was this what you expected
All those years ago?
Aprils gliding by
On Kindergarten
Lawn-kissing snow,
Skies effortlessly blue
And adolescent restless?
The twenty-first,
Count ‘em.
Granular rings,
Middle-aged misgivings.
Latest in a series
Of psychopathic springs,
Each violently alive
And pressing its
Proud green belly into the knife.

BTW, the wonderful photo is by Bethany Helzer:


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