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Dolorous Haze

It's the silly season in American life, with politics, outlandish accusations and bogus statistics filling the airwaves.  Sometimes you just want to take a long, slow bath after reading the latest transparent lie in the paper.   It's maddening that we’re expected to treat with respect the brazen claptrap of climate change denial, fantasy budget proposals and the endless adhominens and false analogies.
It reminds me of a scene from the third voyage of Gulliver's Travels.  Gulliver is touring the Academy of Lagado, an institution filled with obtuse theorists and barking mad inventors. Among the crackpots he meets is a political scientist who claims to be able to discern political inclinations by examining people's stool samples.  It's satire, but not by much when you can turn on any TV or radio today and find ostensibly serious journalists parsing the spin and the intentions behind the spin that everyone know is a bowl of shite.
Perhaps the only way to preserve a sense…