The Lufthansa Heist

There's a scene from the movie Good Fellas that always resonates with me about this time in the semester.  Ray Liotta plays a low-level mafioso who, along with his mates, has just pulled off a major heist in Queens, robbing the cargo of a Lufthansa flight and making off with five million dollars.  In addition he's a married suburban dad whose dealing cocaine on the side. 

The day he's arrested he's splitting his time between drug dealing, picking up pay offs, cooking for his Sunday backyard barbecue and dropping off  the dry cleaning for his wife. It's a marvelous bit of film making that knots together the banal day-to-day triviality he has to do with the larger than life criminal activities he's wrapped up in.  And then the FBI shows up.

I always think of this scene around mid semester when I'm running about trying to keep every ball in the air.  Yesterday, for example, was non-stop: last minute grading, pulling a lesson plan out of thin air, dealing with a problematic student, getting ready for registration week, picking up the kid, nagging him about practicing his viola, making dinner, dealing with the moles in the side yard, reading late-arriving core proposals, and fretting about a presentation I'm delivering in Rhode Island next Monday that isn't anywhere close to finished.  Meanwhile the papers to grade just keep coming...

A visit from the FBI might actually be welcome at this point.


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