Escape Routes

Spring Break officially begins on Friday at 4:00 pm, which means it actually began yesterday around noon. Considered on its merits, there is something a little dubious about having a one-week hiatus in the middle of the term.  It's a custom observed nowhere else but education, and higher education specifically. Apparently it traces its origin to the 1930s when college swim teams annually migrated to Florida for pre-season practices.  No doubt, too, it received a boost from the 1961 movie Where The Boys Are.  And there's also no doubt that it's here to stay.  One can only imagine the undergraduate uproar --to say nothing of the chamber of commerce commotion--were someone to suggest doing away with it. 

I mean other than an economic boon to bar owners and warm weather resorts, it has little value.  It certainly lacks academic or pedagogical value.  It ruins the week beforehand and sometimes a few class days afterward.  It's just a bad idea.

But it's here, so I'll take it.  And now if you'll excuse me, I have to make a dash for the Swiss border...


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