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Circus boy dancing like a monkey on barbed wire...

Whoo-weee!  What a semester.

In addition to a couple of my regular darlings, I've been teaching two spanking new seminars conjured  from nothingness: no assignments, no in-class exercises, no grading rubrics, and certainly no previous experience teaching these particular ideas or texts.

So you'll excuse me if I haven't kept up this sucky old blog.  Let's face it. MacGyver's had his hands full.  Indeed,  I've said to several people that I feel like it's my first year of teaching all over again. More than once, my plan for the day has retained its fresh-from-the copier heat as I walked into the classroom.

But that's not quite right.  Sure, I am furiously inventing the universe every week, but I also have two decades worth of ideas, gimmicks and approaches to draw upon. So it's not really the same. On some subsonic level I'm confident I can figure it out and come up with something.  That wasn't the case 23 years ago.  In many ways, too, it…