May in the Midwest

No deep thoughts or beefing today; just some photos of last week's run to trout streams in Northeast Iowa. 

The Department of Natural Resources lists around 60 trout streams in Northeast Iowa. My life list is now around 47.

This little brown liked my prince nymph, which I tied especially with him in mind.

Of spring-fed creeks the writer and fly fisher Ted Leeson writes,
That a great many cultures have endowed springs with numinous properties--curative power, rebirth and regeneration, prophesy and oracle--is scarcely surprising, and that they would have been regarded as sacred seems almost inevitable. Water is the ancient emblem of spiritual purification, and its symbolic power to absolve is as old as the need to be forgiven.
Took two browns out of the run above last Tuesday. Note the steeple of the little Catholic Church in the distance.

Putting back a plump rainbow taken on Waterloo Creek. My son asked me once what the fish thought when they got caught. I told him they're probably upset that the nasty bug yanked them all over the stream and then grateful to that nice man who removed the bug and set them free. I like to think so anyway.

Happened across these neatly stacked cairns along a creek in Winnesheik county. There were around a half dozen of them.  It was like coming upon someone's art in the forest.

My depleted box of nymphs. Tied dozens and dozens of flies all winter. Two trips and lots of willow trees and rock snags take their toll.

Best place to be in May in Iowa.


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