Babbling and Strewing Flowers

All week the students have been watching the weather forecast.  Today--for the first time since possibly last November--the temperatures will creep close to 50 degrees, which means there will be no end of incandescently pale knees and bared toes all over campus. 

If this were last fall and temps were in the 40s, students would be laden in sweatshirts, Ugg boots and freshly un-mothballed sweaters.  But let the first warm day in March appear and common sense can take a hike.  It's spring!  Break out the shorts and flip-flops.  And if spring is here, can one long Corona-soaked patio bar summer be far behind?  Yippee!

It doesn't help that Spring Break is a week away or that today in the first-year honors seminar we begin to discuss Emerson's Nature.  When temps hit 65 next Wednesday, I fully expect to hear requests to take the class outside.  The fact that we're reading Nature will no doubt be among the arguments employed.  Damn Emerson with his head "bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space."
I never take classes outside, ever.  A professor--however fascinating he or she may be-- simply cannot compete with spring.  


Anonymous said…
i hear "let's take the class outside" a lot as well.
well, what i hear is "let's blow off class today!"
i rarely take my class outside, unless it's for some practical reason like we are mixing up clay by hand and it's very messy..........when i was a student, i didn't like taking class outside either - i remember sitting on a stump in my drawing class and finding out what 'fire ants' really were. ouch!!!!!
Patricia Dunn said…
I never take my students outside--mini-skirts and dresses are in vogue. Picture my line of vision: a circle of 19 rooms with a view.
Anti-Dada said…
One of those cases where the comments are as enjoyable as the post. Made me smile.

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