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My Smartypants Students

My honors seminar students were featured in a promo for the program (along with my ugly mug).

Dear Committee Members...

In the form (if not the spirit) of Julie Schumacher's side-splitting epistolary novel (Dear Committee Members), I humbly submit a short thank you note to my Post-Tenure Review Committee, who met with me yesterday.

Dear Committee Members,

Thank you for participating in my post-tenure review yesterday.  This was the third time I have gone through this... this what?  Check-up?  Ritual?  Ceremony?  Has it really been 15 years since I was tenured?  In any case, I really do appreciate the time and care you put into reading and responding to my portfolio, which admittedly ranged in tone from manic ranting to morose introspection to prickly self-justification.  Somehow you saw through all that and found a way to affirm a professor a little past mid-career who is still struggling to be an effective teacher and a good colleague to his peers.

Thank you.  No, really, thank you.

In The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer describes how easy it is to take the off-ramp after 20 years in Higher Ed.  …